In That, There is Peace – Hour 4 Prompt

It is eleven o’clock and I’m writing this to say that I am struggling today, here without you. You have missed so many major moments: the first African-American President, the last Space Shuttle launch, my wedding, your granddaughter and so much more. It’s hard for me in June, but this year, in light of everything going on in the world, it feels harder. I am exhausted in health and in life and while I am moved by the goodness in some during these challenging times, I am so disheartened by many others. Whenever I see pelicans, butterflies or dragonflies, I know you’re there. In that, there is comfort, even in this time of uncertain chaos.

Today is a struggle, but the moments I see you in my daughter’s eyes, I am able to trudge ahead. I know by giving her a better world – and if not that, teaching her to be better than the world around us today – I am honoring you as best I can and respecting how you raised me. Your end was your peaceful beginning and in that, there is comfort and calm.

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