Silver Lining – Hour 3 Prompt

The sky darkened and the cool breezes regaled

Trapped outside, she felt the urgency to hurry home but she also reveled in the beauty of nature

What was a person to do

Lightning began flashing around her as thunder inched closer

Still, she stood, camera in hand as the seconds ticked away from her walk in safety

The rain began to pour

In every challenge, there is a silver lining

Whipping on the breeze, the rain smacked her face like a fist on a volleyball

She picked up the pace, as the lightning zigzagged over her head

Her heart raced as she struggled through the rain, gushing like a waterfall

She failed to notice the crack in the sidewalk; her shoe did not

Falling, as the thunder clapped, she screamed as her camera went flying

Bruised and battered, she tried to get up, disoriented in the rain and from the blow to her head

Was the walk or the attempt at pictures worth it

In every challenge, there is a silver lining

She did not think of the camera, as she headed home to nurse her wounds and ice her head.

Did she even remember it? Hard to say.

The scene could have described her life: lonely, confused, empty and battered

As she bandages her arm, a knock at the door.

A sweet young man held her camera. He had just moved in.

”I saw you fall and took one picture for you.” He said. It was a rainbow of hope for their future.

In every challenge, there is a silver lining.

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