Prompt #19: Oh, the Hassle of a Face Mask

In epidemics of yesterday
Americans watched as other countries donned a mask to stop the spread of illness.
It is a basic concept,
Wear a mask to prevent sharing any virus that you may have with others.
It all makes sense when someone else is being told to do it.
Then came the Coronavirus.
The pandemic of today has scientists all over the world pleading for people
to social distance and wear a mask.
And while other countries have set their pride aside and covered their faces
Americans, with all of the pride and obstinance of teenagers continues to refuse to use a face covering.

If only we could set our obstinance aside to see that we are all in this together.
Your inaction is selfish.
You take other people’s lives in your own hands when you refuse to cover up.
As we were all told when we were kids,
There is no I in TEAM.
Put your mask on.
Thank you!

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