Day did its job well,
the chore of lighting alleys,
brightening dark corners,
moving clouds and pedestrians
through their errands and obligations.

Sometimes, the day drizzles
a suggestion to focus on the task
at hand, sometimes downpours
a warning to step up, keep up
with your prayers.

In winter, day reminds us
of all we push aside, almost
forgotten, moments banked
in silence as flakes fall,
introspections, reflections.

Night flexes in the wings
waiting for a chance to shroud us
in dark despair, reveals that day
will never shine again, kidnapped
and wrapped in black velvet.

Stars know where Sun is hidden
but they won’t shine an answer;
they can rule beside Moon both
night and day. They’ve threatened
clouds to stay quiet or else.

Day manipulated by night,
Sun spurned by Moon, the planets
out of orbit, the galaxies tipped
off-kilter, darkness reigns the world.
We are imprisoned on our own planet.

Plants wither and die, no crops to feed
the world; children pale, restricted to
stay in, too dark to play outside.
Humans become ghostly apparitions,
traveling in flashlight beams.

Mother Nature appeals to Moon,
to stars and clouds; Father Time
chimes in to propose a compromise.
Sun will reign day but Moon will
gain extra time each cycle.

Night is delighted to hear this plan,
agrees to release Sun in the morning.
Mother Nature and Father Time
rejoice, secreting that there will be
no extra time for a night.

Moon is manipulated by an empty
promise but he doesn’t care. All this
shining 24 hours is too much work.
When day breaks at dawn, he’ll settle
in for his much-needed beauty sleep.

~ J R Turek
June 27, 2021 Hour 17

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