in the silence between butterfly wings
between hummingbird heartbeats
between us, there is the space of prayer

find it in a grain as small as a mustard seed
in a trust large as the firmament
in a sacrosanct place for contemplation

be a witness to miracles of water and wine
be the reason for blessings bestowed on the needy
the giver of alms, receiver of indulgences

to pursue a life of sanctifying grace
to bring righteous to all your actions
to embrace faith when all the world is doubting

find peace in devotional scripture
in the stillness of pond water at twilight
in the epicenter of your soul

bring a resurrection of divine traditions
a heart able to follow God’s will
bring gratitude and fortitude to all you meet

to begin, to end
a sacred word

~ J R Turek
June 27, 2020
Hour 13

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