Late-Night Talk Show

Late-Night Talk Show

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.

Thank you. Thank you.

What a great crowd. Not like last night’s.

We have a wonderful show for you tonight.

Speaking of the President, have you seen his ratings lately?

Where are you from? Indiana? How do you like New York?

Tonight’s Top Ten Thank-You Notes are…

Our first guest has a movie coming out this Friday.

You look great!

How much fun was it to work with her?

Here. Watch this clip.

Do you like to play Pictionary?

Thanks for being such a good sport.

Do you like animals?

Don’t bring that octopus near me. Take it away, please.

Do you like to laugh? Well, we’ve got a very funny man here tonight. Please welcome…

On my way here tonight I got stuck in this L.A. traffic.

And how ‘bout those airlines.

Our guest will be doing his stand-up at The Comedy Basement this Friday and Saturday in Athens Georgia. So if you’re in town…

Finally, tonight’s musical guest has just returned from their tour of Europe and Japan. Please welcome…

Stay tuned. We’ll be right back.

Thanks for watching.

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