The End

i stand here today thinking we will always be

daydreaming of a life for you and me

happiness and love

thank the good lord above

standing beside a king

Who knew there’d be a man out there for me.

Tomorrow comes and love is on the rise

call from you opens up my eyes

you have something to say and I need to pay attention

your love is no longer here, first thing you need to mention

you have decided to move on and I should do the same

wait a minute, what? What the hell’s her name

That’s none of your concern just know that I’ll be gone

all my stuff has been packed and I’m moving on

you packed while I was asleep?

wait a minute, this can be?

where are you going

its been 3 years

i can’t believe that you’ve been hoeing!

who is she

how long have you

tell me something

how could you

look, I’m sorry if I hurt you but it wasn’t my intention

all the time that I was with you, you had all of my attention

this is something that just happened and I need to go, I need to see how our new found love will grow

i know you will be fine

maybe you can still be my friend

but as far as I’m concerned this here is

the end




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