2020 Poetry Marathon, Hour 11

The prompt for hour 11 is to write a poem about a place you’ve never been. I sort of did that. (Sort of.)

The song ‘Never Been to Spain’ comes to mind

Well, I haven’t been there
or to Paris in springtime
or to Buenos Aires when the northern hemisphere
is under eighteen inches of snow and ice

I haven’t been on safari
with either camera or gun
or flown over the Great Barrier Reef
just me, the pilot, and the sun

I haven’t been to Red Square
or walked upon the Great Wall
to retrace a famous journey
or re-enact the revolution

I haven’t walked an old dirt road
that went on for miles
until I reached the next village
and waited for the downpour to pass

I’ve been far away from home
where I once hoped to stay
for years after I’d already left
(it was no vacation, believe me)

I’ve been in weird dream junkyards
running from dogs
hiding behind cars
and almost saving the world

I’ve been in situations
where I never expected to be
and if I hadn’t been there
I’d have never thought it was me

Lately, I’ve been wondering
but then I tell myself no—
I’m going to be the same
wherever I go

Though if you whispered
just the right words
I might change my mind
(maybe you already know)

(27 June 2020)

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