Golden Shovel Acrostic – Celestial Love


  • Rise up lovers. Take not one another’s hands but your love’s.
  • Only then will you find the happiness you seek in your hearts.
  •  A man must know the passion of being a spouse, a parent, and a lover on equal terms that their lovers are.
  • After all, was that not the argument of Adam and Lilith? Was it not decided then that both must be faithful?
  • No, friends. Apparently, it has not. Men have a reputation of insensitivity and a lack of passion. But,
  • Come the dawn, the romantics will rise like a great wave and prove this to be false. Terrible beasts we are not.
  • Everyone has someone they are meant to be with. Show the world of what sort of love we are fond.


A tribute to Ralph Waldo Emerson,

One of the truest romantics and academics in literature.

“Love’s hearts are faithful, but not fond…” – Celestial Love

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