Freedom, Ltd

Locked in and locked out both at once;
So slow, I convinced I’m a dunce
In all the social niceties.
Some friends help, other like to tease the encumbrance.

Locked in when I can’t leave my bed
For the pain in my back, legs, and head.
Locked in when I can’t talk or hear,
For the roaring fog in my ears leaves me dead.

Locked out when a shop says, “Boo-hoo,
“You can’t make us put ramps in for you.
“Stop acting like you have the right
“To give decent people a fight, you scrounger, you!”

Locked out and locked in, with no cure;
There’s nothing to do but endure.
But one choice is left here still mine:
If I want to let this define me: No. I’m more.


Form: The Florette

Prompt: Write a poem about being stuck in a very small place, actually or metaphorically; or Write a poem about being locked out, actually or metaphorically.

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