New Life from a Dead End

Spoilers for Blue Sky, right through to the end.

Eaden is complicated, and scary
And she has a life here, and people
Who like her, and need her, and trust her
I want to be trusted. And needed. And liked.

Eaden is full of humans, and “Why not?”
And that ought to kill them, and would, There,
Where She rules, and watches the Science
I didn’t do Science, I just watched and ruled.

Eaden’s my second chance town, or third
I think it’s my third now, and final
That’s certain. She thinks I can do this.
I don’t know why, but she is certain.

Eaden is home for us now. There’s an “us”.
And I’ve got a “home” now, that’s something
That humans find normal. I’m normal.
Or at least, I’m getting there, and I’ve almost got it, I think, and anyway, Eaden people don’t seem to mind too much, or if they do they don’t give her a hard time about it and that’s just about perfect in my book, so on balance I have to say that things are, genuinely, looking pretty good.

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