Second Post: A Voting Poem

A Voting Poem

1: History

They fought long and hard
Fought to be seen and heard,
100 years ago
Equality a dream,
They strove to make real.

2: Vote the First

Now I am part of history,
Now I can make a difference
I place my mark alongside those that came before –
Feeling their weight,
And their courage.

3: Why?

He asks why, questions the difference it makes.
He is one of the elite โ€“ straight and white and male,
But he too has his battles; I tell him
If no-one makes their mark, just one cross,
We can blame no others but ourselves.

4: Just History Repeating Itself

The social media โ€“ the one only that matters now
Posts photos, 50, 70, 100 years apart,
Points to similar poses, dress, expressions,
Misses the full picture โ€“
History repeats, the fight continues, because we do not learn.

5: Not Our Fight?

I have but one fight of my own,
Do not always need to stand up and be counted
But I am part of the human race,
And equality should be for all.
If we do not stand together, we fall apart.

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