Tenth Post: In The Black

In The Black

In the Black, they say, men can go mad,
And reavers find their meals.
But they can’t stop the signal
However hard they try.
He took them out there,
To the furthest rim,
And there made a home
On the good ship Serenity.

Browncoats all round,
And Big Damn Heroes, too.

No-one could take their sky,
Though many would love to try.
But a preacher with a past,
And a brain-washed dancing girl,
A pilot with plastic dinosaurs
And a grease-smeared mechanic lass
Were his shiny crew.
They would get the signal through.

Out in the black
His first mate is still loyal,
And there’s an ambassador
With beauty untold.
And his coat is still brown,
He’ll fly straight and true,
In a Firefly class
Till the day that he’s passed.

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