Poetry Prompt Eight: We Need

We need more time, we need to feel fine, we need more police and less crime, we need to at least feel safe, we need bravery, not slavery, or more reserves for The Army or The Navy. We need clean water, we need to protect our sons and daughters, we need our own bricks and mortar, and probably, kinda, sorta, we need to speak up. We need to hold our chins up high, to explain who, where, when, which, what and why, we need to stop for a moment and try, we need to feel alive. We need air, we need to care, see how we fair, we need to stop telling others to sit down, or to shut up, we need to stop cutting up our brothers and sisters, we need to stop cheating and lying to our misses or misters. We need to be true, we need to find out each clue and we need to help each other when we can only see black or a very deep blue. We need to stop staring, doe eyed at screens, we need to listen to each others screams, we need to clean up our acts, react, intact with the universe, each other and in fact we have a need, in a classless society, for less greed and more people freed, sowing the seeds of knowledge, a steed worthy of carrying our nations, intertwined because we need each other to love, to have and to hold, we need to be bold, and as lost as we are, if we listen real close, we can each hear the ghost of that need, the list of the never ending things we are convinced “we need.”

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