Up for Interpretation

I scroll through all the pictures,
Trying to decipher their messages.
Trying to really see them, yet
Uncomprehending what they mean.

A photo of a boat on the azure water catches my eye.
Immediate, visceral outrage 
Oil spilling on the pristine waters.
(Oil spills are the only context in which ‘pristine’ is used anymore. 
Why can’t they pollute polluted water instead?)

My rage is distracted by my reflection in the screen.
It’s been a little over a week 
and I’m still not sure if I like my hair cut this way.
I have spikes and horns enough for a dragon.

I take my device inside
To stop seeing my reflection
Expanding the picture to feel 
The anger inside once again.

My thumb and finger slide away from each other
to reveal that the picture is of a boat moored near coral.
There is no oil spill.
Never mind.

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