St. Kilda

You take me by the hand 

and lead me to the moon

There we ride low to high and loop de loop

Through the crowds, you’re by my side

I never have to worry

We take our time, 

there is no rush

We let the others hurry.


Back down on earth, we hear the notes

from The Palais and the Espy

We feel the beats move through us,

as your arms, they circle ‘round me

They sing of love, they sing of fear,

they sing everything we’re feeling

Your eyes meet mine, I know what you mean,

it’s no chance that we had that first meeting.


Down at Claypots we switch to jazz

your smile has me entranced

We feed each other succulent mouthfuls

you laugh at my sensuous sounds

As I enjoy the flavors, you wonder aloud

if you could get me to repeat them elsewhere?


So on to Beach Road and the dream house you built

with the hidden library built just for me

The answer is yes, it has always been yes

Since the day that we happened to meet.

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