Hour Eighteen

This prompt is to take a common proverb, such as “don’t count your chickens before they hatch” and turn it into a poem. You can choose any proverb or common saying. The proverb can appear as it normally does in the poem, or you can twist it. It can be a small part of the poem or its core.

Actions can be tough, I know, but get it together folks.
Speak with authority, with conviction, or keep it in.
Louder, be like a foghorn, yelp your truths unto the night sky!
Than to have died spiritually, better to have lived.
Words can shape, more erosive than raging torrents.

Too much talking, too little saying, too much nothing, too few Actions.
Mind rests on its doing, thoughts stay on what the tongue may Speak.
No matter the depth of shadow, light always shines Louder.
Thankfully we don’t have to even know the meaning, other Than
that it all revolves around the energy resonating from magick Words.

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