Hour Nineteen

Grab a random book from your shelf. It can be a book of any genre. Use either the first sentence from the first chapter or the last sentence from the last chapter as the opening line of the poem. Make sure to note the name of the book and the author in a footnote to the poem.

For centuries,
societies around the world
adopted the view that
sex means just one thing;
penis in vagina
intercourse within
the context of marriage
for purposes of procreation.*


sex is everywhere
sex is hiding in plain sight
sex is the secret currency of life
sex is Disney channel midday
sex is car insurance advertisements
sex is an officer wielding a baton
sex is celebrity tabloid gossip
sex is glossed up night-weather correspondents
sex is vulgar lyrics in pop-music
sex is drunk thirteen year old kids exploring
sex is rooted in a yearning for attention
sex is diluted by lust and nefarious intent
sex is not strangers bumping uglies
sex is not fucking
sex is not home base
sex is not Love



The Psychology of Human Sexuality
Wiley Blackwell

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