yearning for you

poem #2
yearning for you

we reached for the paper cup at the same time
our hands slightly brushing against each other
nicely apologizing
I noticed your full smile right away
smooth brown skin and full lips and I smiled too

then several minutes later we were easily conversing
I remember picking up a fork but not really needing it at all
and realizing quickly that I was spun-
mindlessly letting the world fade away
while I stood lost in your eyes.

what is happening? I thought to myself
but the wave had begun.
now so many years later, I realize it can still engulf me-
that wave of yearning
fall over me like chocolate explodes in my mouth-
takes me instantly to some happy place in my head,
my heart-
my soul;
no matter how hard I tried, I could never quite fully
wash away the yearning for you.

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