Old Red Truck

It is funny how much you can accumulate living in one place.

Trunks full of books, pictures, poems, stories, most hard to replace.

2500 miles away, an apartment waits.

Big Red wasn’t so big, but would try to do what was needed.

So, pile in the boxes, throw on a tarp with plenty of rope to keep it.

100 miles, the cat is not happy being in a cage, and lets you know.

200 miles, Big Red starts to make noises like she is ready to blow.

600 miles, Oh! No! it is starting to rain, pouring straight down.

1000 miles, you pull over to sleep as you see truckers are starting to frown.

1500 miles left, Big Red please don’t break.

Another 200 miles and you realize that gas is really starting to cost you.

At the 1500 mark, you begin to think friends were right, the cat thinks so too.

The next 500 miles seem to be all up hill, Big Red doesn’t like it at all.

The last stop you make, check the ropes, rearrange the haul,

200 more miles, no AC, and Arizona is baking.

A new life, A new place, A new hope, A new chance

Thank you Big Red, now you can rest.

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