The 12th hour

Today I trade my shovel for sunshine

I’m leaving the trash from the past behind

I’m moving forward to bigger and better things

I’m excited with anticipation for what this new life will bring

Packing a trailer in 3 hours flat nearly killed me

But determination prevails and dreams of expectancy

I cannot fathom the idea of multiple moves

This one alone is more than I can handle

“Run like the wind and never look back”, says the small voice in my head

The smell of fresh paint, the comfort of my new bed

A new life, a new beginning, a second chance, my time for winning

Saying goodbye is bittersweet

The trials that tested me, the memories that shaped me

The friends that I made, the enemies that trapped me

I’m a soaring bird now, with God’s wings to carry me

No more cages, I’m F-R-E-E




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