The 4th hour – I see RU

The words of this poem were inspired by post-NBA game commentaries, actual Twitter and Instagram feeds and various individual comments posted online.  The title, “I see RU” is a play on the words “I see you”.  Speaking of Oklahoma City Thunder’s RUssell Westbrook, one of the most talented and exciting NBA players to run the court.

I see RU…

Another signing, another show.  What does any of this have to do with basketball?

They say: “Notice how ticked off he looked?” “He hardly talked at all, and I didn’t see him smile the entire time.”

I see RU… knowing that anything he says or does will be scrutinized, dissected, or misinterpreted beyond measure.  Photographed, Photoshopped, even fam photo failures.

Questions, comments, mindless banter with no purpose at all; only human, just like you, with a gift to play ball.

Still looking for smiles from the RU?
Why so demanding?
Does the RU owe you?
Have you seen his pics?
How about his interviews?
Head low, words few.
Rarely flashing his pearly whites,
unless caught in that rare unguarded moment in the company of a loving family member or friend.
Ever consider that maybe he’s shy?
Or maybe a little insecure about his smile? Or even teased about it as a child?
Not everyone who has a nice smile believes that they do.

Yeah, I see you RU.

They say: “To me he has a VERY arrogant attitude.”

What the hell did he do?
Are you in his head? Or wearing his shoes?
Is he under some obligation to be extra nice to you?
Maybe he can’t be that social butterfly you want him to be; can’t say all the right words to tickle your fancy, like the spider who webs it oh so perfectly.  Just RU, a spotlight target for all the world to see.

I see RU…someone who doesn’t fit the standard 6′ 7″ bill.
I see RU…the black sheep, in the spider’s shadow.
I see RU…the lightning in the thunder.

Haters say: “selfish, ball hog, queer, fag, gaaaaay…worst dressed, trash bag clown clothes, floppy foot goon, ugly Steve Urkel Ninja Turtle duck”

Lovers say: “the best…swagg…hott, sexxxy, beautiful, fly, perfect babe…I LOVE you!”

You love RU?
You do?
How do you love someone that doesn’t know you?
Is it his brooding eyes?
His fully defined lips?
Chiseled high cheek bones and pitted dimples?
Werther’s caramelt skin?
His flawless physique, with no tats in sight?
Celebrity-status fame, 8-figure contract and no wife?
Yeah, you love RU, I’m sure that you do.
When I first saw him play, I fell in love with RU too.
Kudos to Spider-Man, the comic book hero, endowed with supernatural strength, agility, and keen spider-sense, but this black sheep stands out from the flock,
So fierce and determined, despite what they say, he plays his own game and hopes he does okay.
Always sacrificing his body, the chance he takes to make the big play…but wait!
“Don’t you dare shoot that ball!
That’s not why you get paid!”

I see you RU.

I’m a fan of the game, not just the big names;
Like watching two loves come together unashamed.
Would you pay 5K for platinum seats at the Garden?
Just to catch a glimpse?
Heart bangin’, eyes sayin’
“I see you RU, but will you ever see me?”
Knowing full well a love between us on this earth, it can never be.
This true love holds out for that soul mate in eternity,
where you can be just RU and I can be just me.

What is it about RU that makes him so irresistible and you so eager to pursue?
Dang, smh, wish I knew.
Is it because he gives back to the community?
But most athletes do.
Is it the chart-climbing stats and record breaking debuts?
Is it his bold fashion flava? So wild and true.
True to his character, “the world according to RU”.
Maybe it’s his love for his family, the game and the sik shoes?
Trendsetting tag lines, and football guru?
These are all so good but there’s so much more to this RU.
Including the simplicity of his choices…his house, his car, and his girl.
His girl, ah yes, it’s heartbreaking, I know.
Why couldn’t it be you? You love him with your whole heart and soul.
But to choose you, RU wouldn’t be RU if you didn’t know him 6 years ago.

Hmmm…Steady looking through that window though;
Only time will tell where that will go.

I see RU…blessed from heaven above.
I see RU…making his way through the course.
I see RU…both hated and loved.

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