The 6th hour



My eyes speak but they do not hear.

I’m just one of many with all the same fears.

I’ll be your best friend, as loyal as they come.

I watch and wait for you patiently from the moment you are gone.

I’m a little hot in this sweater but that’s ok with me.

I’ll do whatever it takes to make sure you’re happy.

I will defend you to the death, until the last beat of my heart.

Just promise we’ll always be together, let nothing tear us apart.

I am the face of countless shelter dogs and the wishful thought of every stray.

I am yours. You are mine. Always and forever will I stay.

Please don’t change your mind about me and abandon me one day.

My life won’t stand a chance and I’ll be tossed in a nameless grave.

I’ll hope for a rescue, like wishing on a star.

I’ll hold on to our memories, hoping the best for you wherever you are.

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