Checking Things By Posting an Old Poem


Can you smell the stench… of festering beliefs
in the murky cesspool of your mind?
As daughter after daughter after daughter
falls. Ah! But you can’t hear, you’re deaf and blind!

There’s acid on her soul with a flick of your wrist
The wretch, your advances did try to resist
Your dagger, it glitters as your sister’s blood spills
exactly as patriarchy demanded and wills
It’s your honour you defend cause obviously, she has none
You’ll find her and hunt her, she has nowhere to run!
Don’t leave her alone even in the womb
The moment you smell her, send her to her tomb
She likes to dress nice, she’s sugar and spice
She must be ravaged, your lust she’s enticed!

Scoff now and tell me, I speak of folklore
these are ancient stories, you heard of before
Then why as I walk in the DARKNESS alone
My heart is a pounding, I’m clutching my phone?
My heart is a pounding, I’m clutching my phone!

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