The Owl – No Pussycat – #18

Get out of the boat, he hissed at the young owl.  He had been saving the seat for the owl with the russet colored feathers. Lately Miss Russet seemed to carry a flame for him, or so he thought.  The older, grayer owl was not the one he wanted.  He hissed at her again, then flew at her and bit the little finger she curled at him which she thought was a seductive appeal.  No cougar owls are allowed on this cruise,

At last the cougar gave up and flew out of the boat.

Miss Russet stayed perched in the tree

as early evening edged to night and it was time to join Mr. Old Wisdom in the light blue boat across the lake during the sweet hour of evening trysts for innocent lovers.  No one here was innocent.

All these owls had only base desires,

but it was in a boat,

so perhaps it was without low morality.

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