Gordon and Marvin

One nimble, the other lived-in,
And they’re both competing for the stomachs
of the F Word customers.

Gordon, in his chef’s coat, sans T-shirt –
scratchy material, no wonder he’s telling
his cooks to eff off – methodically roasts peppers
and chorizo for heat, adding sherry, pureeing, er, tomahtos
while exchanging cheerful barbs.

Marvin, gleefully waving his knife in the air –
“Am I distracting you in any way?” –
is boiling celery for his Meat Loaf Tunafish Casserole Surprise
over which he crumbles potato chips while maniacally
laughing that Gordon can’t identify his secret ingredient.

And, it was close. Two to three, Gordon, who was
still laughing as Marvin left the building.

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