• Really well written; short, snappy and clever. The concept is one which very much resonates with me. Without externalising blame, or hanging up on negativity you give a clear argument for your own feelings pertaining to such a trying time. A refreshing step away from the regular rhetoric of ‘social distancing’.

  • This line “Leaves falling like dry brittle tears”, paints a truly beautiful picture. I really enjoyed reading this.

  • The pace and rhythm of this poem are great. I especially like the repetition and alliterative effects used throughout.

    Caitlin was right, this structure is wonderful and this poem is one I like very much.

  • I don’t want to like this…though I really do. It’s a little too on the nose, even though I live in Britain it is still quite relevant. Our equivalent of the Orange Clown-In-Chief is as feckless, and arrogant to believe he could wield such power.

    I like how the poem builds. Each step feels more uncomfortable, like something actually growing throughout.

  • What a wonderful introduction to yourself, and your work.

    I love this. The sentiment of there being “beauty in the transmutation of pain into art”. Though I doubt I could have said this so eloquently this is an ethos I try to always write with. Opening ones self, like an emotional conduit, allows for the creation of work which generates true…[Read more]

  • I really like this poem; as I read it I thought of a Wiccan spell. The precise and meticulous language is especially evocative, and “Its interior shell should face the heavens, reflecting hidden colors in the kitchen” makes me think of this ‘kitchen’ being out in the open air, as much a part of nature as it is a working space.

  • I’ll admit Holly I did rather hope you’d like it. 😊

    I’ll pop the link to your book underneath it. Sorry for forgetting it when I posted it originally. Dx

  • I really like the pace of this poem, the rhyme scheme and the repetition also worked well with the theme of the poem. Like a rumour the repeated lines were whispered over and over, and as is the case passing whispers they distort ever so subtly until they are but a faux-facsimile of the truth.

    The voice of the piece is also interesting as it…[Read more]

  • I really liked this. It reminded me of the time I set my parents stairs on fire (not purposefully I might add. I wrote about this on my blog a few years ago: https://dscoremans.com/2017/11/01/never-play-with-fire%E2%80%8B/) Valkyrie Kerry beat me too it, but the onomatopoeic language is well used.

    The ‘click’ at the end of ‘To make the lighter…[Read more]

  • I hope I figure out the ending at some point. I think a final stanza may yet be missing, but I may have to wait until I find the Browning to my Barrett until I know what those words may be. =)

  • dscoremans commented on the post, Dear Grandad 1 week, 4 days ago

    I’m so glad I got to read this as it means I didn’t miss any of it. I’ve seen you perform a few times, and though I truly do like the tongue-in-cheek humour of your regular work, I think this is a wonderful deviation.

    This is a really honest piece that is full of desire, passion and charming humour as well.

  • This was the first poem of another author I have read from the marathon and I am so glad it was.

    You set the bar high. I hear this sang in my head as a 90’s grunge song being wailed into the night. Maybe that’s just me. 😅

    I have been dairy free for a few years now, but I can still recollect that heavenly smell from Stanza 2…actually now…[Read more]

  • Prompt 24, Hour 24

    Write a poem about a gift, real or imagined, fantastical or boring.


    Sonnet – A Gift


    My most expensive item of foot wear
    Happens to be a pair of leather […]

    • I love this! You’ve created a gently whimsical tone throughout, yet, at the same time, there’s a quiet determination and a real sense of quiet pride in your individuality. You keep us slightly off-balance throughout with your rhyming scheme, but the final couplet finish the poem off perfectly. And colourful shoes are a thing of beauty!

  • Prompt 23, Hour 23

    Home stretch now!

    Write a poem about an imaginary pet or person. The poem can be from your perspective, the perspective of a neutral third party, or from the perspective of the imaginary […]

  • Prompt 22, Hour 22

    You are almost there. I’m sorry, this is the hardest part, but I think it’s time for another image prompt. Please choose one of the following images and write a poem inspired by it. All but […]

    • What a delicate haiku – as soft as the feather and the falling of the feather too. This sense of dislocation – the loss of the feather – gives a really unusual perspective to the act of the bird losing a feather, for we usually think of the feather and not the bird.

    • What an interesting image and idea. This poem caused me to think of something I’ve never thought before – about the bird that loses the feather. Thank you for speaking a fresh perspective.

  • Prompt 21, Hour 21

    Write a poem about what you are longing for most right now.


    Villanelle – Sleep


    I don’t know how I am still awake;
    long ago did I desire sweet sleep.
    The fo […]

  • Prompt 20, Hour 20

    Because it’s probably very dark out right now for most of the participants, the prompt for this hour is to write a poem involving light of any kind, from the sun, to a lamp to a c […]

    • Your use of form is so strong – and this poem is compact, yet full of energy. The alliterative ‘b’s work perfectly, as do the slightly longer words with softer ‘o’ sounds as the poem progresses – giving a clear image of the rising sun. I think it’s more powerful , too, because you call it Helios. That brings a sense of grander celebration of its arrival.

    • I like cinequains. This is so vivid and as written, it is Helios who brings us the dawn. Powerful!

  • Prompt 19, Hour 19

    This prompt is based on an idea from Danielle Wong.

    Below are two images of a Siphonophore Apolemia. It is an animal that actually is made up of hundreds of animals that clone themselves; […]

  • Prompt 18, Hour 18

    Write a narrative poem set during a holiday. It could be a poem based on your own lived experience or it could be an imagined event. A narrative poem is a poem that tells a story, but the […]

    • The repetition of the title throughout this poem (especially with the C-19 subject matter) brings a slow but gradual sense of menace to the piece. We usually associate the notion of a holiday with enjoyment, ‘getting away from it all’ and a fixed period of time – but you have inverted all of these. I really like this.

  • Prompt 17, Hour 17

    Write a poem about a form of technology that is obsolete or is headed that way. The technology could just be referred to in passing, like a telephone booth, or it could be a CD that is the […]

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