Hello from Georgia

Firstly, I love that we’re using WP for this; my blog (http://oceansofmine.wordpress.com) is on WordPress and I love the format.

Next, a little about me:

I’m presently in Georgia, about 45 minutes north of Atlanta, helping my mom and dad (but mostly my mom) downsize and shed the copious amounts of stuff acquired over 37 years and the raising of 9 children (plus dogs, cats, mice, hamsters and fish – to say nothing of the spiders and rats that sometimes and for various durations made their homes in the basement).

I’m 42 and have been writing in one way or another since I was a child.  I’m very fortunate to be in the home where I grew up, as my favorite room to write and relax is my parents’ dining room where I used to escape, do my homework, read and write in my journals when I was growing up.

My mom is particularly supportive of my writing, and I expect the day to go fairly fluidly.

I’ve practiced writing poetry quite a lot this year while playing a couple of online, text-based role-playing games (MUSHes, for those who are familiar with them) called Castle Marrach and Ironclaw Online on the Skotos network of games.  I created two poetess characters who wrote quite a lot of poetry, and I was particularly impressed with my ability to create some really great poetry with my character on CM (named Sassa Elvari).

Most of my previous poetry has been quite heartfelt and due to loves and heartbreaks; I’m currently struggling romantically as I fall in love with two different men who are not polyamorous (while it is my inclination to be) and who subscribe to more typical beliefs about love and romantic relationships (while I am a free spirited woman who has extremely broad understandings of love, romance and relationships).  I expect the conflicts I’m going through will evoke some quite deep poetry, as tends to happen with me.

This is my first Poetry Marathon, and I’ve chosen to do the half-marathon for the sake of time and privacy, though I somewhat wonder if I’ll regret not continuing through the second half.  I decided to join this group of poets because I wanted a greater challenge for my writing, another reason to write in general, and another demand from myself for more poetry – especially as I’ve been so pleased with the writing I’ve done earlier in the year.

Thanks so much to the organizers of this event, and I’m really pleased to be a part of it.

Looking forward to tomorrow…!  (Only 31 hours to go…!)

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