Into the stillness of a dream
The day had been what it’d never been

Wide swing, warm coffee, chilly day;
Words flowed from fingers, come what may

When up I glanced, to a tattered blue
And a stylish shirt; it was only you

They say that clothes can make the man
Though I’d say you made those jeans all you can!

And I’d say, instead, that clothes can portray
The heart of a man and, perhaps, his way

For, when you peered from behind the frame
And spoke of what sets your mind aflame

I knew we’d be friends forever-more
Even if we knew not what life had in store

Some star-crossed loves are but passing friends
Who yet share a connection that never ends

And you, who shares so much of his eyes’ deep sight
Shall have coffee, deep chats with me one long night

Words and life may have limits, true
But star-crossed friendships never do

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