He looked out, across the ocean
Beyond the crashing waves
For long, silent minutes
While the gulls cried around him

The sun glinted in his blue eyes
The day was nearly done

Oranges, gold and crimson bled
From broad bands of sky to sea
But it wasn’t that he’d come for

Another sundry minutes
Found mauves and purples
Turn to black
Flecked with dots of purest white

Only now did he take his rest upon the sands
Greeting the velvet ebon night
With the serenity of a familiar lover

3 thoughts on “Star-rise

  1. Thank you for reading, vidyashankar, and for relating.

    This was definitely not a poem like I usually create, but I truly enjoyed it. Best part about participating in Poetry Marathon is all of the new prompts – and people!

  2. You are a brilliant poet Meredith. You play with our imagination to guide us away from the meaning of your constructs. This ia a poem about life and death romanticised in lines of delicious euphemisms.

    He wasn’t looking for the distractions or to them. He had come for the conflict and the end that they bring in whatever form. Then he could die happily, hqving made sense of all the drama. Or not. That’s my deduction. I feel like there’s more…

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