Hour Four – Zentangle

On Friday, I read a lot of Zentangle poems. A zentangle poem is a blackout or erasure poem, a sort of found poem with designs made on the unused portions, instead of just blacking out the extra words. Read more about it on this post from Kat Apel. I have spent some time each of the first few hours of the Marathon on my first Zentangle poem.

The Poem:


After, write a chapter,
words and lines use summary.
Words describing a story,
a visual, a communicator
ready to ready thinking,
parroting powers of description
in writing.

It doesn’t mean much, haha! It was from a page in a booklet of After Reading Comprehension Activities I put together for my undergrad education students one year.

One thought on “Hour Four – Zentangle

  1. This is a gorgeous form and you’ve completed it beautifully! It’s a form that’s new to me and I was intrigued to see what you’d done with the words you’d highlighted. I think it works really well!

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