I am Sun

Never gave much thought to what you said before. Of course I was never really listening anyway. Even when you told me what to look out for. I was determined to still find my own way. Of course that goes without saying. Even after seeing what you went through, I was still determined to do as I wanted anyway. My mistakes were always mine to make. Yours were only snapshots to eyes that could only see a fraction of what you were trying to say.

So what was it that you were trying to say?

Don’t let go of who you are.

Being friends is better than being lovers.

Forgetting who you are can be deadly.

Learn who you are before learning who you should be.

Looking back, I can see now where you were coming from. It’s not so much that you were telling me what to do, but rather just warning a traveler of the dangers ahead. Thanks for the heads up, I guess. Not that I listened anyway. So I can’t blame you for what I did. It’s not like you didn’t warn me. It’s not like you knew what I had guessed was the right path instead. I’m just glad you didn’t have to watch me fall. Or stand over my mistakes and hold out your hand to help me up and say, ” I told you that would happen.”

Can I blame you just this once?

Can I say, it was all your fault? I didn’t know what I was doing.

I didn’t know things could go so bad.

I didn’t know who I was, because you never showed me.

You never told me how.

So who am I?

Who am I?

When I found you along the way. It was so long since I’d seen a new sun, I couldn’t help but linger. Mine had long since found another horizon to break. New day, can you shine your light in my direction? Can you show me new path, and warm my face? You can burn me a little, I won’t mind. The pain of new skin is refreshing after feeling the cold for so long. So long.

New daylight. New day. Same light. New star.

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