You are tossed into it like a piece of meat to a swarm of carrion flies or a murder of crows

The human condition, I mean

Whatever is left, once the swarm has eaten it’s fill; that is who you will be for the rest of your life.
You must learn to be happy with that portion.
You must learn to accept that that is what makes you who you are.
And surpass the limitations you create

Happiness is not created, or demanded.
Happiness is something that is borne of the unhappiness of being alive in a world that is determined to kill you.
It is something to be discovered

Let go of what is not; embrace what is

Happiness will be right where you left it
Smiling, mirthfully.
It had been there all along.
If you’d only taken the time to see

There are no conditions, save for the ones you set yourself

Be happy not for what you have or who you are
Be happy for the sake of being happy, despite all the reasons
That demands of you to not be happy
As if it were to be something deserved

It is part of the human condition
You need only take the time to see

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