Homesick – Hour 3

I turn left and right
I close my eyes tight
I reach out with my heart
To that moment we part
Take me across two continents
Back to those sweet moments
Where my heart knew calm
And I did not need lip balm
In the arms of dearests
All I want is to rest
This perpetual anxiety
Continues to haunt me
What great sorrow
To know that tomorrow
My mother’s touch remains unreachable
My father’s roaring sneeze barely memorable
Painfully learning everyday
What I wouldn’t give
To be able to hold my little brother in my arms again
Sometimes my every being
Wants to scream
Take me home
Almost like a myth
Trapped in this picture of perfect bliss
Take me home
Even if just a lie created in my head
That returning home may grant relief
To console myself from this daily dread
Perhaps escape is what I really need
Even then is it not my right
To want to return home tonight
Belittle not the plight of refugees
There are no other aches like these
Take me home

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