Deafening Silence

Come out at night and know
The world in its afterglow
We might see what we overlook
Because of our daily work

It’s the soft rustle of leaves
As the wind gently brushes
And the cold feel of air
While my fingers comb my hair

The air-conditioning unit hums
While the tots are with their moms
And street light silently screams
Making a poet smiles and dreams

Stealth tiny raindrops land
On roofs and trees and sand
Surely tomorrow a clear dew
That refreshes a morning new

Above, far above you’ll see
Parade of characters feathery
Clouds of every size and shape
Clowns and kings on capes

We thought its silent but we’re wrong
The world we know just sings a song
Its deaffening silence that we know
Is silently doing a show.

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