In the Mockingbird with Katniss

After reading the book I placed it on my side
All at once I drifted to Neverland I stride
Then Katniss Everdeen came calling loud and clear
So I jumped towards her fastly out of fear

We were armed we were ready anytime they show up
We will not allow them to finish us up
We will win in this game we will win in this battle
And our townmates could eat everyone will settle

But husband woke me up for I was making some noise
It’s as if I was shouting and fighting lots of boys
I got mad all at once why he did wake me up
We were in a battle I can’t leave Katniss up

Furious I’m so mad I will return to the field
I will Help Katniss out and we will be revealed
But that scene was so done I cannot go back in
I’s not true that I was with Katniss Everdeen.

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