The End Is The Beginning

In the beginning there was darkness
Not darkness as in the absence of light,
But the thick, velvety, primordial darkness of creation
The darkness that gives birth to galaxies, suns
The dark chaotic cacophony of the all-that-is
The deep black soil from which life draws it’s essence

For eons,
For time immortal,
The darkness oozed, encompassing everything
It’s expanse unopposed,
The pregnant Void stretching boundaries of infinity to wrap back around and swallow itself whole
No juxtaposition, just a closed loop,
The endless Celtic knot

The darkness, Erebus, Kek, grew tired
Grew tired of it’s self-consumption
Grew tired of itself
Grew tired of the endless expanse of blackness
Grew tired of containing all the answers, all the mysteries
Grew tired of being so utterly full and so utterly empty,
So utterly connected but so utterly incomplete

Tired of a solitary existence for all eternity,
The darkness collapsed upon itself with such immensity, such pressure and power that the all-encompassing-all-that-is imploded with a force that illuminated everything

Illuminated the complexity,
The juxtapositions,
TheĀ  dichotomies,
The dualities,
The reign of primordial darkness ended
With the advent of Light

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