LONGING (hour xxiv)

There is something profound about expectation
when it visits you and takes a dispirited seat
in your living room, even as the air heats with trepidation

It’s like a shield, towering high up the roof
sitting in serenity like a canopy of glittering clouds
swollen with dreamy vapor, to rain down on us

It’s unseen, untouchable, yet unquestionable
It radiates the warmth of a dogged Samaritan
full of life, full of charge, vigilant upon our desires

You never can see it, even in its most prodigious presence
In the matter of a miss, it evaporates into something you can’t hold
diffusing your hopes out, disputing the profundity of expectation

As the peering eyes can see in the darkest part of the night
As wounds mend with a mystery we are yet to comprehend
As time heals like yesterday was never a contender

So also hope stays rooted in the sands of existence
with roots channeled through paths of sustenance
waiting for the smell of water to sprout again

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