“Liar, Cheater, Heathen” (Hour 5)

Liar, cheater, heathen,
are the only words they’re breathing,
while the laws are so deceiving,
thinking it will be relieving,
to continue believing our old ways,
even if it was all just a phase,
given to us by ones
following some strange craze,
but these are the days we live in.
An oppression of the imperial power,
putting one more flower on their grave,
yet continue with their rave,
only standing with one more foot in the grave,
mindlessly popping more pills,
then hills they had traveled,
baffled by the amazement,
given by these pills,
they ignore the worry and chills,
no expectations to acknowledge,
when none are going near college.
Liar, cheater, heathen,
are the only words I want
to hear them breathing,
even though their laws are deceiving,
I find their words relieving,
the truth that they’re speaking,
calming yet relieving,
I see how reality can be deceiving,
hopeless without meaning.
So they changed their wills,
began with popping pills,
spending late nights hiding in the mills,
these were the greatest thrills
of their lives.

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