Prayers on Water


She wakes to meet the day

While slumber has a hold on others.

She rides the waves of silence

Soft, soft silence

Falls into her hands

Like catching snowflakes

In winter.

Rocking in the waves

The rhythm of the water

Is her own.


She will tell you

What there is to know.

She is the waves,

The waves are her,

And they are ONE.

Tired Eyes and Morning Skies.

There’s sleep still in eyes,
And it’s blurring your view,
But the sun’s started rising,
And the world’s rising too,
Blackbirds are singing,
To herald the day,
So throw back the curtains,
And be on your way.



Not a Lullaby

Now I lay me down to sleep,
Up the stairs the Devil creep,
Presenting to me a nightmare,
Scaring me with an evil grin and evil glare.

This is not a lullaby,
Staring at me with one bloodshot eye,
His mouth an empty dark abyss
I’m not afraid of this…
I… am not afraid of this.

I will wake before I die,
Shake from my mind a rainbow sky,
Light and love in my soul I keep,
When I lay myself down to sleep.

Hush little Devil, don’t you cry,
This is your nightmare, not a lullaby,
Shame on you for disturbing bliss,
You are so afraid of this…
You… are so afraid of this.

The Joke’s on You!

You would often say that

I’d take a hefty fall from grace


Struggle with the job at hand

And the challenges that

Life would present itself.


And yet slow and systematically

I’ve stayed a float

Resilient of the experiences

that life had shown me


In surmountable challenges

Have been mine to take

Some by chance and others I have sought out.


The thrill of the chase

The mastery of the situation

The mental challenge of manoeuvring around people’s ego


Defying the odds of success

Standing firm in my resolve to work through

Many a difficult circumstance


So you see the Joke is indeed on you!

For the battle that ensued inside of me

Fuelled by own self-doubt and influenced by your

Adept ability to undermine has been thwarted

Let’s keep the jokes coming

For the joke is indeed on you!


Whose story is this Can we tell Everyone’s formed an opinion Oh well They take what they wanted and Turned it about and Now the truth is in Doubt

What we were we reeling about and Does it fit Last time I checked we all played a role It’s Black and White with a touch of grey

Where did this happen and did we move it around On the street In the park

When was it noon was it dark

How did it occur Can we tell There’s red water running everywhere

Why Everyone wants to know yet the only ones to speak are the circus running the show

Are we failing?



There’s been a heavy fall of rain overnight and the world seems freshly washed around me today – a good beginning to a new adventure! Best wishes to everyone who’s doing either the half marathon or the full marathon today; it’s been a pleasure to meet you.