Hour Seventeen: The Pose

Start with your feet hip-width distance apart.

Begin to slow the breath, noticing your weight evenly distributed between both feet.

Find your drshti; balance is breath and focus, strength and faith.

One last slow breath…

Now shift your weight over to one leg, keeping the knee unlocked, accessing the quad.

Take a slow breath in and out.

Then place one foot atop the one bearing your weight now, gently, with little-to-no-weight, resting there.

Extend your arms out to a tee, one arm at a time.


Three more slow breaths.

Now slowly sweep your arms back behind you as you curve your spine forward over the bent knee.

Bow your head, redistribute your weight to the ball of your supporting foot.



Think pink.

Fluff of feathers,

Channel your inner flamingo.

2 thoughts on “Hour Seventeen: The Pose

  1. Cute and fun! It reminds me of how I would always create a fake yoga pose in class every April Fools. The ostrich, the vulture, the whatever I made up in the moment. Class would be quiet and serious and super into all the poses and then I would just burst out laughing after I would get them into a funky position and say the name of the imagined April fools pose. Try it next April!

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