Inside Out

It’s dark in here.
Turn on the light.
I can’t see.
It’s wet and warm
I touch slime,
Viscous rubber,
Throbbing hum.

My eyes closed,
No they’re open
What’s wrong?
Am I blind?
Muted pours,
Flowing chutes
Chug like clocks,
Syncing me.

I’m floating,
Still, vibrating.
My legs kick
Weighty slugs
Miming a jog
As bionic man
In a slo-mo shot.

My arms too,
Tossing sludge
Through fingers
Spread wide open
To grasp the idea
Where am I now?
Which way is up?

I’m not drowning
But I can’t breathe,
Don’t breathe.
Don’t gasp,
No air
Yet, no worry,
I’m here still.

No push no pull,
Motionless now,
The light dawning,
I’m not inside.
There’s nothing here.
I’m outside—and in,
Above and below
I’m all there is.

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