Hour 24, A Hallmark Holiday

One of the unasked for upsides
to being richly blessed
with loving family
is the many wonderful
gifts from them I have received.

One that stands out, though,
is a gift that the sender
had no idea would be so profound.

My first husband was abusive,
did not value me as a wife or mother.
He declared Mother’s Day stupid,
a Hallmark holiday with no real meaning,
and so for years its only commemoration
was by what teachers created.

That marriage eventually failed
a shock to no one but him,
and I began to date online
a new old love from high school.

He lived far away in Germany,
I and my children in the States,
but constant online contact
meant he knew me and the children well.

The last Mother’s Day before we married
he sent a sumptuous gift,
flowers, chocolates, fruits, sausages
and cheeses, and a beautiful note
took me by such complete surprise,
I cried.

Years of neglect and cruelty
had trained me to expect nothing,
so simply being remembered
became extraordinary.

2 thoughts on “Hour 24, A Hallmark Holiday

  1. I must say this made me a spectrum of emotions. It’s honestly so nice to have a “happy ending” in a writing that is not presented as cheesy or cliche. This is a real experience. I like “unasked for upsides”, “Hallmark Holiday” and the last two lines really stick with me. This is a lovely piece, especially considering this was your last poem, what a brilliant way to finish the marathon.

  2. Having had a bit so great first marriage, I really felt your pain. Well done.

    Feel free to look at mine if you like. I need more reviews. Thanks in advance.

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