Prompt Hour Twenty-four–to do what others do not

A Mother's Lot

A Mother’s Lot

Feeding everyone else first
while her own food cools

Keeping wakeful watch over sick
babies in fitful sleep

Wearing clothes with holes
so teens can wear brand names

Sitting in a backseat
for a carsick child up front

Sacrificing, scrimping, serving
so that others may thrive,
such is a mother’s lot:
to do, as so many others, do not.

Tracy Plath

4 thoughts on “Prompt Hour Twenty-four–to do what others do not

  1. I remembered my own mother in this. She never complained and gave naturally, even though she had limited vision and asthma. You capture it well.
    I don’t think she would ever have considered it her “lot” though- not quite that word. She just took care of us because it seemed natural to her.

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