Prompt Hour Twenty-one–Dear letter


A Word of Advice

Dear Janis,
Don’t let the needle slide into ragged veins,
we still need a piece of your heart.

Dear Jim,
Stay out of the club,
no more roadhouse blues.

Dear Jimi,
You were born under a good sign,
so sleep on your side.

Dear Robert,
Stay clear of the crossroads,
and away from the bar.

Dear Amy,
You’ve got to go to rehab,
we say yes, yes, yes.

Dear Kurt,
Remember your daughter,
because it’s all about a girl.

Tracy Plath

7 thoughts on “Prompt Hour Twenty-one–Dear letter

  1. I quite loved this poem, Tracy! The spare, direct language suits the strong longings behind the speaker’s words of “advice” — to stay, to not go (die) when they did. Makes the emotions shine without a distracting sentimentality.

    Well done!

  2. Bam! ‘Nuff said!
    Young people are so careless with their lives, burn their candle brightly,
    But you do not scold, only plead in their own terms.

    I miss a lot of people

  3. Read this again.
    You are so gentle and urgent, almost joking, and the deaths hurt even more as i try not to experience them,

    Do you know what name Ingrid Exner is listed under?

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