Giving Praise to the One who deserves it All (Tenth Hour)

The winds blowing to the east,
And the winds blowing to the west,
From the rising of the Sun,
To where it sets,
I will give You praise.

The birds sing the songs You composed,
The waters flowed down the stream gently,
The trees swayed with the breeze lovingly,
Everything bloomed: the lilies, the daises, and many other plants rose.
As the nature praise You, I will too.

The night sky sings worship,
As million of stars twinkle by.
With the moon in its peak,
Throughout the night, these whole creation speaks.
And as everything starts to lift Your name, I will do the same.

Even when the sun shines,
Even when the sky cries,
Even when doubt starts to fill my mind,
Even when the world makes me lost in its bind,
Still You’re here with me, so I will praise You, God Almighty.

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