The Cruelty of Time

Time is the fastest runner in this world.
I tried to chase it,
I tried to outran it,
But, this routine of mine just seem so absurd.

Time has a bad habit of leaving people behind.
One moment you’re floating together in its flow,
The next thing you’ll know, you’re unclasped out of its bind.

Time has a way of making you nostalgic about the memories you want to forget.
Making you remember things you wish you had another chance to do,
And also those things that mark your regrets.

Time knows how to steal something away from you.
It forces you to move on and let go of things
You fought so hard to hold on to.

Time is the greatest enemy you’d have in the battlefield.
No matter how hard you fight against it,
At the end of the day, you’re still the one that is sealed with defeat.

Time took him away from me.
It took what we are,
And what we were supposed to be.

Time can’t heal all the wounds I am trying so hard to mend.
It just makes me feel the agony of pain longer.
That’s why the only thing want in this world is for time to just end.

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