# 18 A Divine Intervention

I began my journey from galaxy Mildorn,

Their purple beaches had been on my list far too long,

but I paid the price with boil-ridden skin

for not carrying JellyProtect to fight its Neuar sun.

I continued my journey, albeit tad painfully,

Prodding along to the Meteor County,

The showers were spectacular, the view magnificent,

Glad I did it, it sure was fun!

Next was the luxurious Sentare for me,

Sipping on Shremark Pina coladas for free,

Swimming with the giant rasterfoons,

The gorgeous yellow ocean reflecting nine hundred and twenty six moons.

En route to Dexark, I was unfortunately swindled,

By a swine so gross and heavily wrinkled,

He took away everything save my cretamin rolls,

And made a swift exit through a hidden black hole.

With resources dwindled, I returned, cutting my trip short,

Which was just as well, for I was in for a shock.

The colony I had built for my college project,

A part of it had become completely wrecked.

It had an infestation, my, it had grown!

Ugh! Humans! I should have known!

Now I have to work on my planet all over again,

Clean up, rebuild, add more trees and some fresh rain.

Yawn! I’ll do it tomorrow, I’m too tired today,

Let the pesky pests live one more day.


-Prachi S

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