# 23 Nudge

Well, hello there Miss,

Allow me to introduce myself,

I am my master’s Hyde, the devil on her shoulder,

Basically, the fun one in the relationship.

You seem shocked,

she does play the goody-two-shoes part well,

I’ll give her that,

Although, it was my idea, you know, social pretenses and all,

We worked well…until now.

You see, she has great potential,

She has a delicious darkness within,

This stuff is of legends, it doesn’t happen often.

I get shivers of excitement when she unleashes her imagination

It is glorious, bloody, tantalizing, shocking,

but she keeps it imprisoned, never makes it real

It’s like having a blockbuster script and no movie.

Did you know they never assigned her an angel?

Nope, it has always just been lonely little me,

But they had a point, why waste resources,

On such a perfect like psychotic sweetie?

She runs from it, from me,

but you can’t hide from the abyss of your soul,

She’ll find her way eventually, I suppose,

but, you know, I do get so bored,

So I mess with her dreams and whisper things in her ear,

What? It is my job, after all,

To give her a little nudge now and then,

to help her embrace her true self,

and unleash upon mankind the horror within.


-Prachi S




18 thoughts on “# 23 Nudge

  1. Is this to reveal someone in particular? Maybe those who heard it were just embarrassed for the female that is described. Your writing talent is evident, though.

  2. I get it! Love the allusion to Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Love the voice you have created for Hyde. I love that Hyde doesn’t take himself too seriously.
    Great poem.

  3. Not only did I get it, I enjoyed it! Perhaps others who read it don’t understand that Hyde reference or the complexity of the character.

    Beyond that, I see the J/H dichotomy, with J being the one with imagination though it was Hyde’s idea for “social pretenses and all,” begging the question — two sides of one coin or dissociative disorder? Other imagery keeps pointing me in that confusing direction: “psychotic sweetness,” “help her embrace her true self.”

    Also love the suggestion that J may be a goody-two-shoes but no angel, that the good is just pretense. Who of us don’t strive to present that image to the world.

    There’s nothing wrong with confusion. It makes me question. And I don’t like having everything explained for me.

    This poem makes me think about the creative process. It alll works together to create another image of the concept of a muse, doesn’t it?

  4. I admire the playful and darkly twisted voice, and the title is perfect, such a little thing can have such huge consequences. A delightful conceit!

  5. Some people just don’t know. Don’t listen to them. They figure the angel always shows up. But it’s your creation, and it was deliciously malicious! Kudos.

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