Love Thy Mother-Prompt fifteenth

On August 23, 1979

 is when I first felt your love

as a baby girl from your womb

35 years, two months, twenty -seven days later

Your arms are still a haven 

In which I can run to when I’m sick,

for comfort and to hide from the world

There is nothing in the world 

I wouldn’t do for you

Your love is never selfish

Never holding back the truth

The armor, The leader, The father

Yet, what is it that brings us together?

As we grew older we tend to separate further

But it is you that brings us back together

when things become clouded 

And tomorrow when the sun shines

you are still there loving us for better or worse

When the struggle of life gets too much

You showed us how to contend

and mend those broken wings 

We shall have fallen on

Bring us back together and mold us

as the days turn into months 

and the months turn to years.

A mother who was always there.


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